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Vintage W.J. Hughes Cut "Corn Flower" Glass, Radiance Glass Blank, New Martinsville Glass Company

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Striking W.J. Hughes cut "Corn Flower" clear glass creamer and sugar. The blanks were crafted by New Martinsville Glass, USA, circa 1950s. A beautiful set to enhance your table decor!

In excellent condition, no chips or cracks.

Creamer measures 4 x 3 3/8 inches

Sugar measures 3 1/2 x 2 3/4 inches


Excerpted from the Dufferin County Museum Archives (Ontario Canada)

"A clear "Radiance" sugar bowl (A) and creamer (B) set. This piece is cut with the "Corn Flower" pattern. These pieces were sold by the W.J. Hughes "Corn Flower" Glass Company. Inspection of the cutting dates these pieces between 1912-1944. The glass blank was produced by the New Martinsville Glass Company (New Martinsville, "Radiance") in West Virginia, USA.

The "Radiance" Line (#42) was introduced by the New Martinsville Glass Company (later the Viking Glass Company) in 1936. Also referred to as "Tear Drop", the glass blanks of this line were designed to be both highly decorative but also leave ample room for cutting. While available in numerous colours, the W.J. Hughes "Corn Flower" Glass Company mostly cut the "Corn Flower" pattern on crystal (clear), light blue, rose and amber "Radiance" blanks. These paler shades allowed the intricate "Corn Flower" pattern to be easily seen. The "Corn Flower" Glass Company cut on the "Radiance" line for decades until the closure of the Viking Glass Company factory ended production of the glass.

DISCLAIMER: The New Martinsville Glass Company referred to their line #42 as "Radiance" but the W.J. Hughes "Corn Flower" Company called the same line "Tear Drop". Collectors today use both terms."