Jack's Daughter

Had to include this awesome photo of my dad climbing a tree in his undies for a bottle of beer....he was already a true Canadian before he left the 'old country'.

Jack’s Daughter of All Trades was inspired and is dedicated to my father, Jack Weinberg. A Holocaust survivor who emigrated to Canada with little money and no English. He had family in Toronto and took a leap of faith, arriving at Toronto’s Union Station in 1957. He lived with his brother Mannie and his family, learned English at night school and worked in his brother’s variety store on Dundas St. East. After a few years working in the garment district as a tailor, he met and married my mom, Marilyn. They started their company, Jack Weinberg Sales & Enterprises. Together they owned and operated several successful retail businesses. At their flagship store Willers Toys & Cards, where we lived above, my dad saved everything—coins, pen springs, marbles, pen knives, furniture, etc. You name it, my dad saved it and I still treasure his treasures. From a young age, it was clear I was a creative soul and my dad taught me to be resourceful, how to build things, how to use tools and to repurpose those saved objects. He taught me I was capable, to have confidence in my creative abilities and to do what makes me happy. What my dad taught me gives me a sense of pride and brings me joy every day. My dad always encouraged me to sail my own ship as an entrepreneur.

My passion for vintage and antique pieces began as a kid paying regular visits to the various antique markets in and around Toronto with my parents and sister, Suri. I suppose that’s where my love of all things vintage turned into a passion for collecting beautiful objects, new, old or even broken. I love creativity which is evident in the artistry and craftsmanship inherent in vintage, antique and salvaged objects. It’s a pleasure to repurpose them into practical pieces and artful treasures for today’s market with the bonus of keeping these treasures out of landfills.

Over the years, I have learned to do many things. I have grown my creative skills in the area of graphic design which developed into my own thriving design consultancy, Grafik Essentials Inc. https://www.grafikessentials.com. I’ve honed my skills in gardening, home renovation and interior design which has come in handy during my adventures as a real estate investor. I paint walls and furniture, I’m able to build a shelf or lamp from salvaged materials, I have designed, renovated and created welcoming interiors and restful garden spaces.

I literally grew up to be Jack’s Daughter of All Trades. Thank you Dad! you are my hero and inspiration. Love and miss you always 💞

The photo on the left was taken for Jack's passport picture. The middle photo was taken in 1971 outside of Willers Toys & Cards during the construction of the TTC subway extension on the Yonge line. One of my faves. And the photo on the right was taken at my sister's wedding in 1994. Lots of wonderful memories of my kind, humble, generous and hard-working father.